Oilbarrel sidetable 200L

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Delivery time: 1-2 days

A 200 L barrel is also a sidetable. It comes in black. The socalled lidbarrel. Wich means you can store your stuff in it. Superhandy and multifunctional. And sturdy.

The barrel gets delivered in a fitting box. Unless more gets ordered. The barrels are black, but with additional cost are available in every RAL color. 

Height barrel; 87 cm
Diameter barrel; 57 cm

The following applies to all our barrels: you can put a sticker on it.
That way you can perfectly customize your barbecue, trash can or standing table.
We apply the stickers for you.
You only have to mail the artwork (PDF) to [email protected]
We apply the sticker on the smooth center surface of the barrel.
You can add stickers to your order.

Prices include shipping and VAT.

Shipping for products with stickers takes 2 weeks. 

For companies outside the Netherlands: do you want to shift the VAT? Mail or call us for your order. Then we will send an invoice without VAT (21%). We will then need your VAT number.

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