Delftware Barrel 200L

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Delftware is the world-famous Dutch blue-and-white earthenware. Visitors to the Netherlands can't get enough of it. There isn't a souvenir shop in the country that doesn't sell Delftware. But that pottery is all a bit on the small side – not to mention a bit fragile, being earthenware and all. We're taking a different approach and applying Delftware patterns to a metal barrel. It's Dutch culture on an industrial product.

In the years between 1600 and 1800, blue-and-white earthenware from Delft was popular among the well-to-do, who enjoyed showing off their collections of Delftware. Now it's your turn to show off – not with earthenware, but with an oil drum decorated to look like Delftware. That's a welcome change of pace from the usual tableware, tiles or vase.

Because this is a lidded barrel, you can use the drum for storage as well.

Height: 87 cm
Diameter: 57 cm

The Barrel is crafted entirely of steel and is therefore 100% recyclable.

The Barrel is made from an oil drum. Who says an oil drum can only be used for oil? Not us! 

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