CombiDeal BarrelQ Big Notorious black 200 Liter Barbecue, Teppanyaki Plate and BarrelQ Big Cover

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The BarrelQ Notorious Big barbecue is the big updated 2.0 version and has been completely improved compared to its predecessor (the Original). The inside walls of the barrel are entirely coated, and the bottom is made of zinc. This avoids rusting and guarantees a significantly longer life span.

The grill basket has been optimized and comes as standard in the steel version now. Thanks to the new design, you can equip your BarrelQ with a wide range of accessories: a teppanyaki plate, smoker kit, rotisserie set or a shashlik ring and 5 extra-large skewers. The height of the grillage is adjustable, and the brand-new air regulator allows you to control the air flow for a much better grill experience.

The Notorious Big was specially developed with its numerous accessories. Turn your BarrelQ with shashlik ring including skewers, rotisserie set, teppanyaki plate and smoking kit into the ultimate allrounder.

The initial idea was to turn an oil drum into a grill. But thanks to its functionality, the BarrelQ can also be used as a firepit, stylish furniture and side table. Comfortable and easy to use. (Read here: Totally foolproof)

Immediately ready for use and ready to go! No complicated and pointless effort with screws, bolts and screw nuts. In flames within seconds! Instant grill and chill.

The barbecue is delivered in black as standard. With the BarrelQ you grill at hip height. No more bending down and reaching for meat, fish or vegetables. Love and kisses, your spine.



The BarrelQ is not only made for grilling. You can also use it as a firepit. A bit of firewood in the grill basket and light the bad boy up. What a show?! And it gets warm and cozy too ...


Side table

The BarrelQ is the Hercules of the barrels that most impresses with multifunctionality. It is not only a grill and a firepit, but also a side table. Put the lid back on and you have the ideal table. What do you think ?? How many beers can your BarrelQ carry?


Additional specifications and interesting facts  - We think size does matter. Height: 87 cm, bar: 57 cm, grillage (diameter): 47 cm. Enough grill space to host family and friends at the same time. - Did you know that you can easily put 30 beers and two bottles of wine on your BarrelQ ?! Well then … cheers!


The following applies to all barrels: names / logos can be produced on the barrels with special stickers. This way you can perfectly personalize your grill, trash can or side table. We will of course apply the stickers for you. Send an email to [email protected] with a pdf and the desired image or add a sticker during your order. We will place your name, message or logo in the middle of the barrel.

Order stickers here and we deliver your unique barrel!

Japanese cuisine now for your BarrelQ! The Teppanyaki grill plate creates an oriental atmosphere and guarantees a breathtaking barbecue experience. The 6 mm thick iron plate stores heat significantly longer than the everyday grillage. Side note ... Teppanyaki literally means "iron plate".

Japanese cooking is all about healthy eating. Quality, the freshness of the ingredients and a sufficient amount of nutrients are very important. Vegetables, meat and fish should therefore touch the grill plate as short as possible to avoid burning essential nutrients.

In addition, this type of cooking requires little to no oil. This is much healthier and improves the taste of your dish. Especially if you turn your vegetables or meat regularly, you and your guests are guaranteed a feast.

The Teppanyaki grill plate is easy to maintain and can be cleaned quickly thanks to the smooth surface.

But above all, this accessory is an absolute allrounder and must-have for every true BarrelQer! Grillage was yesterday!

The Teppanyaki plate fits on every BarrelQ Big. Regardless which model you own.

With the Notorious Big, attach the plate by inserting the 3 provided metal sliders into the basket. For any other model, simply place the grill plate on the edge of the barrel.

The BarrelQ Big is a cool and strong device. He can take a beating, but also likes to be protected. That's why we made a sturdy cover. To serve and protect the big one.  And to not make it a eyesore, we made it a pretty cover too. 

The BarrelQBig Cover is 100% water resistent and made of a high quality (600d) polyester. Order your BarrelQ Big Cover now!

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