BinBin Hole Vuil Industrial waste bin oildrum 120 L

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The BinBin Hole 120 Liter ''vuil'' is a robust and practical trash can with an industrial look. This oil drum waste bin is specially designed to easily separate your garbage/ general waste. Due to its practical big size and appearance, the BinBin Hole can be used anywhere. Use it at home, in your garden, in the office or in your shop.

The BinBin Hole waste bin is marked with ''Vuil'' on the frontside.  To emphasize the waste stream. You can easily use the BinBin trash can as a separation system. (We also offer it as Plastic)

The trash can comes with a lid with a hole and a lid clamp. With the lid clip you can easily attach the garbage bag and lid. TYou will also receive a suitable transparent waste bag from us. These are sturdy transparent waste bags through which you can easily see your plastic waste.


  • Length: 48 CM Width: 48 CM Height: 82 CM Opening size: 20 CM Weight: 8KG
  • Volume: 120 Liter
  • Suitable for the waste stream: Vuil (General waste, garbage)
  • Coated inside (It does not rust)
  • Can be expanded as a modular waste separation station.
  • This product is 100% recyclable, which makes it a sustainable choice.
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