BinBin Hole wastebin 120 Liter oildrum with hole lid

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The BinBin 120L hole bin in Black is a large rugged rubbish bin with an industrial look and feel. This BinBin comes standard with a lid and lid clamp. The lid clamp allows you to fix the liner or bin bag to the BinBin waste bin. The lid has a hole of 20 cm in diameter. 

It works quite simply: you place the bin bag in the drum. Then you place the lid on top and secure the lid and the bag using the lid clamp, which gives you a large, attractive metal trash can. But it's not necessary to use the clamp: The bin bag will remain in place even if the lid clamp is not latched shut.

This black rubbish bin is also ideal for decorating with a text or sticker of your choice, such as your name or company logo. 

While this rubbish bin is suitable for home use, its size makes it more appropriate for businesses. Those locations generally produce more waste, so a larger volume bin is better for sites such as shops, cafés, restaurants, beach pavilions, takeaways and petrol stations. 

Barrel height; 82 cm
Barrel diameter; 49 cm
Contents barrel; 120L

The following applies to all our barrels: you can put a sticker on it.
That way you can perfectly customize your barbecue, trash can or standing table. We apply the stickers for you. You only have to mail the artwork (PDF) to [email protected]

You can add stickers to your order.

Prices include shipment and VAT.
Shipping for products with stickers takes 2 weeks. 

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