Grill basket and grillage 200-liter oil barrel (narrow/ constricted barrel opening)

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Imagine you have a barrel and want to make a barbecue out of it? Then simply order your own grill basket including grillage right here.

Make sure you order the right size. There are two types of 200-liter drums: constricted and non-constricted oil drums. The difference is at the top of the barrel. In the case of a narrowed or constricted barrel (also known as neck barrels), the last upper part of the barrel shrinks slightly in. The barrel ends in a straight line with a non-constricted barrel has therefore a wider diameter and opening. See photos.

So, order the right accessories in the correct size for your barrel!

It goes without saying, that you should make sure, that your barrel has an open side in order to fit in the new accessories.

Prices include shipping and VAT.

For companies (outside the Netherlands) applies: If you have a VAT number, we can shift the VAT. Send us an email with your order and VAT number. Then we will send you a payment link and an invoice.

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