BarrelQ Notorious Big barbecue Cortensteel 200 L

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Discover the BarrelQ Notorious Big now in the Corten Steel Edition. The Barbecue comes including a deep grill basket and adjustable grillage. Thanks to an air regulator at the bottom of the barrel you can now manually steer the air flow in your BarrelQ for a much better grill experience. All accessories fit on the BarrelQ Corten Steel Edition. Equip your barbecue with Teppanyaki plate, Shashlik ring, Rotisserie or Smoker kit and turn your BarrelQ into a grill without

Corten steel was originally used for buildings and artwork. A famous example is the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge over the Hudson between Newburgh and Beacon in the USA. Also, in the USA: headquarters of the US Steel Tower in Pittsburgh. And now there is finally a BarrelQ made of Corten steel. The advantage of this material, Corten steel lives. The pattern of your BarrelQ changes continuously due to oxidation. Rain, wind, water and fire are the nutrients your BarrelQ needs to come to life. In addition, Corten steel BarrelQs are absolute excellent firepits.

The rust-brown color is characteristic for Corten steel. Corten steel, also known under the brand name COR-TEN steel, is a metal containing iron, copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chrome. The density is comparable to other alloyed metals such as stainless steel. The calculated value is approx. 355 N / mm². Corten steel is a weather-resistant steel and the brown rust color is the most typical feature.

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Height: 87 cm
Diameter: 57 cm

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