BarrelQ Small black Liter Barbecue, firepit and table in one

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The BarrelQ Small barbecue is a 60-liter oil drum with a steel basket and grillage. It is not only a barbecue, your BarrelQ can also be used as firepit and side table. Super multifunctional!

The little brother/ sister of the original BarrelQ BBQ. Takes a beating like a champ, incredibly durable and all of this with a smile on the face. The barbecue looks stunning in your backyard, but also makes a great impression on your balcony. Or just take it with you to the lake or camping the next time you fancy a barbecue or want a cozy fire on the road. Thanks to the two handles you can take your BarrelQ wherever you want.

This charcoal grill is the highlight at every party. Everyone will want to be a BarrelQer after that night.

The BarrelQ is a very user-friendly barbecue. A couple of charcoal briquettes, light up the fire, grillage on top and the adventure can begin. After a successful dinner, throw a little wood in the basket and turn your BarrelQ into the ultimate firepit. The coziest barrel ever created!

Height; 58 cm

Diameter; 40 cm

The following applies to all barrels: names / logos can be produced on the barrels with special stickers. This way you can perfectly personalize your grill, trash can or side table. We will of course apply the stickers for you. Send an email to [email protected] with a pdf and the desired image or add a sticker during your order. We will place your name, message or logo in the middle of the barrel.

You can add stickers to your order.

Prices include shipping and VAT.

For companies (outside the Netherlands) applies: If you have a VAT number, we can shift the VAT. Send us an email with your order and VAT number. Then we will send you a payment link and an invoice.

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