Welcome to Barrelkings, the barrel king
We sell beautiful oil drum products, we love an industrial look and like to make sturdy products.

We add value to barrels. To turn an oil drum into a waste bin, we have a flame-resistant lid, hole lid and handle lid. To turn an oil drum into a barbecue, we have a perforated basket with matching grid. With our wooden top we make a handy standing table from a 200L barrel. So we are in the barbecue business, the waste industry and we are a furniture store.

In addition, we are very good at personalizing barrels. We can put your logo on it or even wrap it in full color. So we not only give barrels a new function, we also turn them into a marketing tool.

We always use new barrels. We have three sizes of barrels: 200 liters - 120 liters - 60 liters. We deliver quickly. And we are open to your ideas. For questions, please call or email us